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ALL REVVED-UP: Rockstar Automotive Celebrates 4th Anniversary

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Rockstar Automotive
Celebrates 4th Anniversary
They say, in business, if
you can survive the first
few years, you’re home
free. Thanks to our valued
customers, we’re not just
surviving, were thriving!
It was four years ago when Melbourne, Florida master auto technician Thomas Gerding took what (to some) might have seemed like a major gamble — he left the security of his longtime gig at a well-known local dealership, bought an old building and launched his own business. That was way back in the fall of 2017 — October 2nd, to be exact. Time flies, indeed! “I didn’t really look at it as a gamble,” says Gerding. “I had all the confidence in the world. I knew that if given the chance to do things MY way, it would benefit customers.”
ROCKSTAR AUTOMOTIVE: Our first four years, gone in a flash!
Rolling up the metal bay doors and prepping for another busy week at the shop, Gerding reflected recently on how Rockstar Automotive has grown since opening day. “It’s hard to believe. A lot has happened in four years. When we first started, it was hard to look too far ahead. But where we are now, I’m extremely pleased — the way the place looks now, my staff, our customers — I’m very happy.”
Gerding has proven to possess more than a mere head for business. He also has a heart for his community. “I’ve very proud to be from Melbourne. This is such a good neighborhood, and I’ve met a lot of great people. One of the best things is the network we have with other local businesses, and of course, our customers.”
(Wow, what a difference!)
With our first four years now in the rearview, Gerding has his sights set on the future. “I’m really grateful for the success we’ve had so far. We just want to keep moving forward in the direction we’ve been headed — growing, building, overcoming obstacles and embracing challenges. But most important, we’re going to keep making sure our customers are happy.”


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