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NEED FOR SPEED: Thomas Scores a New Vette!

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Thomas Scores a New Vette!
We’ve ALL known it for years. Rockstar Automotive owner, Thomas Gerding is crazy. He’s crazy about classic cars — especially Corvettes. He’s owned a couple of the American-made beauties over the years, but he’s particularly revved up about his latest acquisition.  
First released in the late ’90s, the Corvette C5 was the fifth generation line of the Chevrolet sports car and was produced through 2004. There were a few versions of the C5. Arriving in 2001, the modified z06 was a high-performance, 385 horsepower edition, available as a hard top (Fixed Roof Coupe).  
Thomas’ shiny new baby is a 2002 edition of the z06. (Not-so) coincidentally, 2002 was the year when the Corvette power was increased from 385 horsepower to 405 horsepower. But even at 405, it still didn’t quite satisfy Thomas’ need for speed. So, he installed a pro charger, which ramped his ride up to 640 horsepower. For racing enthusiasts — that’s a low 11 second vehicle. As a result, Thomas will probably need all FOUR extra large disc breaks!
The exterior and interior — all original. And with only 40,000 original miles, Thomas couldn’t be happier (or prouder) if he was driving a 2019 right off the showroom floor.


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