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Relax knowing that we age all of your service history by your unique driving habits, ensuring you don't do them before they're actually needed

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Welcome to Rockstar Performance, a performance division of Rockstar Automotive. Rockstar Performance specializes in GM performance. Owner Thomas and brother Tim offer the following.

  • LS Engine Building
  • Custom Fuel Systems
  • Camshaft Swaps
  • Tuning
  • Custom Exhaust
  • Boost or Nitrous Systems

Simply put, it’s what drives them. The need for speed is in their blood.
Long before they even were of age to operate motor vehicles legally, brothers Thomas and Tim Gerding had become obsessed with all things auto-related — from engine building to repairs to racing.

Years later, Thomas achieved Master Tech status, working for a leading Melbourne, Florida dealership, while Tim cemented a solid reputation in Brevard County Florida as one of the area’s top high-performance engine builders.

In 2017, Thomas opened his own successful full-service auto repair business, Rockstar Automotive, in Melbourne. And in 2021, the brothers joined forces — launching the high-performance engine building division of Rockstar Automotive — an exciting new venture that has the brothers revving into 2022 — full throttle.

Although they have the qualified experience to build any type of engine, the brothers specialize in high-performance LS engines. “We try to stick with high-performance builds,” Tim admits. “If somebody wants to go fast — THAT’S our specialty!”

In short order, Rockstar Automotive has become recognized as a leader in high-performance engine building on Florida’s Space Coast.

Got a need for speed too? The Gerding brothers are always available and eager to discuss your high-performance engine build.