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A Proud VIP
Sigfest Sponsor
It’s an all-day, all-night super-celebration. Yes, for the popular area party destination, Siggy’s, the annual Sigfest charity benefit event has become the biggest hoo-ha of the year.
Located just south of Rockstar Automotive, in nearby Palm Bay, Florida, Siggy’s has been a leading, community-minded business for nearly 30 years.
I’ve been friends with
the Siggy’s family for a
long time. My business
supports their business.
Rockstar Automotive
is proud to support the
SigFest mission.”
-Thomas Gerding
(Owner, Rockstar Automotive)
In an effort to honor the memory and preserve the legacies of Siggy’s co-founders, David and Shawn Sigafoos, the first SigFest fundraiser was launched back in 2014. Since then, tens of thousands of dollars have been raised through this (now) annual concert, with proceeds benefiting several area charities, including two of Dave and Shawn’s personal favorites — Genesis House and Brevard Music Aid. And in 2019, Rockstar Automotive owner, Thomas Gerding, has partnered once again with Siggy’s as a proud VIP SigFest sponsor.
Portions of 2019 Sigfest proceeds will benefit
beloved area musician, Sammy Hill — helping
to finance his much-needed knee surgery.
Happening at Siggy’s on Saturday February 23rd from 1pm ’til 1am, this year’s Sigfest will be filled with great music, good food, groovy raffle drawings and giveaways, and lots of fun. The 12-hour concert will feature live sets from eight popular Brevard County bands, including Burnt Toast, Touch of Gray, Top Hill Crew, Switch, The Blue Diamond Band, Ruckus, The Day After, and a special reunion appearance from the award-winning act, Medusa. 
Rockstar Automotive owner, Thomas Gerding (L)
with wildly popular area drummer, Sammy Hill (C)
and Siggy’s resident DJ, Christopher Long (R)
*Sigfest is a FREE event and is open
to the public — ages 21 and up.

1153 Malabar Road NE
Palm Bay, Florida 32907
(321) 952-0104


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