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LS Engine Build
Owner Thomas Gerding has
been involved with various
customer “special projects”
since he first launched
Rockstar Automotive back
in 2017. And in 2021, he’s
got a massive project on his
hands. But this time, it ain’t
business. It’s personal. Truth
be told, it’s a family project.
“I’ve always considered myself
an LS performance specialist,”
says Thomas. “My brother,
Tim, specializes in traditional
small block engines.” And
it’s that “yin and yang”-type
partnership that has brought
the brothers together for their
LS engine build.
Master mechanics, Tim and Thomas, building their perfect beast.

Built specifically for Thomas’
personal drag racing vehicle,
the finished engine will pack
upwards of 1,000 HP.
“It’s not meant for the road,”
Thomas confesses. “It’s for
the track.” Hence, his vehicle
hardly will ever see the road.
The project will take several
more weeks to complete.
However, we’ll keep our
customers and like-minded
enthusiasts apprised of Tom
and Tim’s progress.


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